Why you should never prank call

This story was sent by Juan.

This happened when I was 15 years old my best friend Anthony wanted me to come over for the night since his parents would be gone all weekend I rode my bike over and put it in his back yard before letting myself in through his back door we played basically every video game he had from FIFA all the way to Call of Duty with popcorn and other junk food spilled out all over the floor as the night progressed we moved from video games to watching half a movie and getting bored to doing prank calls at close to 10 o’clock Anthony made a few calls to different pizza places one owes my turn I just dialed a few random numbers and hopes to get someone at their house on say my fourth attempt I finally reached somebody a guy with a deep and rough voice picked up answering with a yeah instead of a Hello Anthony’s laughing in the background made me stumble with my words mid-sentence ultimately cracking up into laughter I had never done a prank call so I sucked at it the guy on the other end was silent I regained a straight face and tried to continue with the call it went something like this sir would it be all right if I borrowed one of the wheels from your car what’s your name kid my name is Bob really you sure it’s not Anthony it hit me like a brick I looked up at Anthony whose face was noticeably full of fear I hung up the phone not wanting to be on the line with whoever that was for another second Anthony who the hell was that I asked him I I don’t know he told me does your caller ID info display your name or something no it shows my dad’s name we hopped on the computer and did some research trying to figure out how it was possible to get someone’s name through their phone number it didn’t make sense how he could get Anthony’s name so quickly he was way too young at the time to be on any of those personal information sharing websites we ended up asking a question on Yahoo Answers since no one had a similar experience the question turned up no answers I suggested he call his dad but he said he wasn’t supposed to have anybody over for the weekend so he didn’t want to call we planned on sleeping in the living room so we just resumed watching the movie that we hadn’t finished from earlier right after the phone call had left my mind me and Anthony looked at each other when we heard his front storm door opening and then the door knob to the front door began to turn it only was able to turn about half way before the lock restricted it Anthony turned off the TV and I went over to the window to see who it was I spread the blinds open there’s a tall guy standing outside he noticed the blinds moving and turned to look at me I practically threw the blinds back into place me and Anthony hid in the kitchen listening for any more noises we heard the sound of the gates of the backyard opening as it moves right outside the kitchen window god damn it I said I forgot to shut the back door Anthony urged me to run and shut it I made it to the hallway leading to his back door and froze there was a silhouette standing outside the back door I don’t think he noticed me but he was surely looking into the house he opened the door and stepped inside I tiptoed to the kitchen and motioned for Anthony to follow me upstairs we made it to his room as quietly as possible pulling the door shut to avoid making any noise we crawled under his bed he had cloth covering the bottom of his bed so you couldn’t see anything under it unless you actually moved the cloth the doors downstairs all opened in each one getting closer to the stairs thumbs finally began up the stairs and he was right outside the door now the door to the room opened men could hear Anthony’s breathing it was too loud footsteps moved over to the closet and then the closet opened I could hear the coat hangers being slid around as the fabric of the jackets and coats rubbed against each other footsteps moved over to the bed and stopped I felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest Anthony’s breathing was too loud I had to cover his mouth with my hand nothing but silence in the room now we laid still for so long I almost thought he wasn’t even in the room anymore I moved my hand away from Anthony’s mouth and whispered in his ear do you think we can make a run for it he was about to answer when the most disturbing memory haunting scream I’d ever heard filled my ears as Anthony was seemingly dragged out from under the bed I crawled out and saw him struggling with the man I desperately looked around for anything to use as a weapon I settled with the screwdriver sitting on his nightstand I hurried over to the men and drove the screwdriver into his back he let go of Anthony as he let out a scream of agony giving us time to get the hell out of the house running onto the road would give away our position too easily it would take too long to make it to his neighbor’s house he dough for the treeline in the woods and took cover behind a bush watching the house the back door opened as the man stepped outside looking around the backyard he then looked out to the woods I felt his eyes past me as he scanned through the tree line it seemed that it was too dark for him to see us then he turned his head back in our direction I ducked behind the bush Joe he’s coming what dude get up we gotta run he was right the man was approaching us fast how could he have seen us we ran through the woods with the leaves crunching under us giving away our position when Anthony tripped over something I crouched down with him hoping we had run far enough not even 20 seconds later on coming footsteps from the direction we were running from came fast they slowed down only two trees away from us as we lay facedown in the leaves moments later the footsteps take off in another direction we waited until we could no longer hear them and took off back in the direction of the house while running over the sound of weeds crushing and my heavy breathing I could swear I heard leaves crushing from behind us we made it back to his backyard into his house and this time remembering to shut the back door we were now able to call the police Anthony stayed on the line with them well I patrolled the back windows making sure nobody was out there it was so dark though I couldn’t see anything so I did something that seems stupid today I turned on his backyard lights and immediately in the distance over by the woods I saw him standing in front of a big tree he turned off back into the woods and disappeared out of sight that was the last time me or Anthony ever saw him I would be lying if I told you we heard the occasional knocks at our windows or something cliche no that was it five years have passed and nothing has happened do I wonder if it was somehow linked to the prank call maybe doesn’t make sense not really but yeah this was the story of how me and my still best friend Anthony almost died during a break in.

Why you should never prank call

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