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Why We Should Be Kind To People Around Us?

Everyone says that time flies and we forget the bad memories as time passes. But I think some memories are so involved in our life that we can never forget them.

I am the only child of my parents. I don’t have siblings and that emptiness in my life can never be filled.

I feel so alone. I have such good friends and I also love someone a lot but still, I am alone I feel alone. There is that emptiness which can’t be filled. I see my friends having fun with their siblings and I feel really happy but deep down in my heart, I feel an ache that why am I alone.

I feel like I will never get happiness in my life. I try to keep everyone happy by saying lame jokes lol I am the funniest girl in my friend’s circle but deep down I feel so alone I cry a lot and I feel like I don’t get the love which I deserve.

I give my precious time to my friends. I care for them a lot but sometimes they don’t even realize how much we need them. I think we all should be kind and loving towards those who love us. It won’t take much of your time if you will message first or call someone and ask them about their day, maybe they are waiting for you so be kind be loving maybe they are so sad or depressed and your single message can make their day so happy. Friends are a blessing so we should take care of them. Be kind spread love.

Why We Should Be Kind To People Around Us?

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