Why It’s Important To Teach Our Kids about Animal Cruelty
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Why It’s Important To Teach Our Kids about Animal Cruelty?

Hey guys How are you all doing? Today I want to share a story or you can give an advice.

I was about 8 when one evening, I was going to my tuition teacher’s, and I saw a group of teenage boys tossing a tiny kitten at each other and the poor, helpless kitten kept whimpering. It was frightened and trying its best to run away from them but it had no affect on the boys. They were very insensitive towards it and so they kept playing/hurting. It was a sad spectacle, seeing how cruelly a weak life was being treated. I wanted to stop them but to be honest with you guys I was afraid of them as well. And I just walked past them silently.

I was worried for the kitten then, and now I’m worried about such kids. Fortunately, most of such cases of violence are just childish pranks, or done out of a childs’ natural exuberance or peer pressure, etc.

But at the same time, I feel that the adults should act maturely as they are responsible for raising a generation that are the future caretakers of our planet.

Also, It should be kept in mind that some sociopsychologists imply that cases of animal cruelty can be closely linked to domestic violence so adults must not let it pass by.

The children must be taught to respect all forms of life and treat them with love and consideration. And that it isn’t “cool” in any case as their age fellows may think.

We should set an example by helping, feeding the animals and petting them in front of our kids so that they do the same. We should intervene if we come across animal cruelty, abuse. And should do what we can to stop it.

I pray and hope that our kids grow up to be all loving, kind and helping. So we can live proudly and peacefully in a world we call home.

(If you guys also have a Story, Confession or an Advice then without any hesitation do share it with us and Become a Famer)

Why It’s Important To Teach Our Kids about Animal Cruelty?

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