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Why I Love Photography? My Passion For Photography

Why I love photography? The question that ever so often crosses my mind is undoubtedly the one that I get asked the most. From family to friends to people I barely know. This is the most recurring one and, I must admit, is the only question that gets me excited and the only one that I would answer at all. I hate questions and questions hate me (don’t worry! you’ll completely understand it as you continue). My love for it is mainly because each time I think of it, my mind wanders through the millions of dreamy, mesmerizing scenes and memories that not only was I lucky to experience, but also was blessed enough to capture. It’s like travelling all those places in an instant and just falling in love with them all over again.

Now before I continue and dive deep into the ocean of love, which for me is photography, I’ll introduce myself a little. It’d be quite rude if I didn’t, no? Plus, it’s kind of important (maybe not). So my name’s Gina. I’m Scottish and 26 years old. A university dropout. Well, well, well. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I might as well just brief you about my journey from “big disappointment” to “family’s pride”. what made me think about why I love photography and realize how much I was willing to give up to carry on my passion.

My family is quite old school when it comes to one professional life. And I’m the complete opposite of them. I’ve forever been an art baby. Creativity was (and still is) the only skill I ever possessed. I was never good at either academics or sports, and this alone was terrifying enough for my parents as they always wanted me to be a doctor.

But my marks implied/suggested otherwise. Got scolded a little too many times, was grounded, looked down upon, and all kinds of similar stuff. My parents once even went as far as taking away all my art supplies so I couldn’t paint and just focused on my studies. It would be really unfair if I didn’t mention the fact that they weren’t always harsh. As there were many times when they would celebrate all because I scored more than their expectations or for the tiniest achievements and shower me with extra love and gifts.

Long story short, I gave them the toughest time and just wasn’t willing to devote my life to living a basic dream that was someone else’s to start with. I know parents deserve it but I had three siblings who were already working on it. To be honest I didn’t really know what my goal in life was, but knew that I had to make one that was both unique, and adventurous! I was in 7th grade, performing too well when the idea of being a photographer struck my mind. I felt excitement filling my insides and couldn’t wait to get back home. As soon as I got home I rushed to my parents and told them about it. Their reaction? Well, it’s safe to say that they were as disappointed as I was excited.

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Passion For Photography

My passion for photography only grew. Along the way, I bought a camera from my and my sister’s savings started my journey as a photographer. The only thing that stressed me a bit was whether or not would I be able to find a balance. And cope with having my own family along with photography. To me, the perks of why I love photography are too precious to let go of. On the other hand.

I’ve always wanted to settle down and have my own family, but whenever I saw families. I saw how much they sacrificed to have it, and how much they’ve changed themselves in order to have what they have- a happy home. So many priorities changed, so many goals lost. This terrified me to an extent where I started to think that I may just spend my life all alone just so I wouldn’t have to give my passion up, the passion that I’ve fought for.

It was due to the struggles and constant pressure from parents and peers that I started getting more upset than not. Soon I realized I was falling into the pitch-black hole of depression. I talked to my parents about it but they said it was just because I kept choosing something that wasn’t right for me or that it’s a sign from God that I must leave photography behind and take a fresh start, to live a basic life.

I wouldn’t say that I didn’t expect them to say this, I did. Also, they had no idea that only if they supported my dream, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. I even talked to my friends about it and even though they weren’t so negative about my love for photography, they couldn’t understand why I love photography so much. This mental state affected my creativity levels so much that due to the lack of it, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. It was pretty devastating.


That being said, I had to join a merry therapy group. It was a very refreshing experience as I saw how people you’ve never met can be so supporting and uplifting. A group of people coming along sharing all their issues and giving out solutions, healing together in the most beautiful, positive way possible was all I needed. Hearing all those peoples’ issues really did make me feel a lot better. My perspective on a lot of things changed. The change was quite drastic and so I finally felt like I was on the right track now. The right track definitely had problems along the way, it didn’t have to be fuss-free to be right, this was contrary to what I thought.

I came to know that a lady there was married to a photographer and they had two sweet kids too. I asked her about how difficult that was provided by her husband’s profession. She said it was fairly normal and that they were homeschooling and how photography was a flourishing field that had so much more to offer than I knew. This relieved me of my biggest concern and it was through all of this that I got my life back to normal. My best friend today (and for life), is a girl of my age who I met there! So it wouldn’t be wrong if I said that therapy gave me much more than my mental health.


Photography has numerous perks! I’ll try to fit as many as I can in this article, but I fear not being able to do justice to them, as English isn’t my first language and feelings are difficult to explain in words.

1) The Connection

This has to be the first one! Ever since I’ve clicked the first picture, I’ve felt a connection with nature, with my surroundings. You can be a photographer of any sort, and feeling of being in tune with your subject will be there. There’s also a unique feeling of care that one starts feeling towards any and all things, living or non. Your heart softens down and a feeling of goodness is felt in one’s self. At least this is how it was for me. And this is when I knew I was never going back.

2) Creativity and Versatility

As I said, I only had the creativity to offer this world. This is a field perfect for anyone who is looking to do something unique or something that’s not along the lines of being conventional. I consider myself very lucky to have turned my passion into a job. Not only do I get to wake up and do my favourite activity every day but I also make money out of it! What else can I say? It’s just icing on the cake.

Versatility is another point that I love about being a photographer. Although you can choose specific areas for yourself and not be a versatile photographer. I don’t see why I should. I’m into experimenting and exploring. Hence, it’s all for me! I equally enjoy shooting a mini school documentary and birds in the snow. To be honest. I feel like I enjoy portrait photography a little more than the others.

Why I Love Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is basically capturing the essence of a person in a photograph. When I first came across it, I instantly fell in love with its idea. In my opinion, it’s very easy going and has a lot of room for creativity in terms of surroundings, lighting, angles, etc. I love to photograph people in soft lighting and play with shadows. The beauty of God’s best creation- a man, is something that never fails to amaze me.
To my advantage, my portrait photography is a client favourite and it’s something I get hired the most for.

3) World As A Home

Traveling around the block is how it usually starts and sooner than you know, you’re taking trips to different cities, countries, exploring your hometown, backyard, and what not! And in all this, finding comfort just as if you were in your home, sitting on a couch. Not implying that photography is an easy job, it’s 101% not. But I’ve never seen a photographer not passionate about his work or complaining. Coincidence? I think not. And so, wherever I’ve been, a connection is made, adventures are lived, and so on. I also have numerous friends from around the world.

4) Friends All Over

We talk to people wherever we go. It can be an inquiry, or mini chats on how one’s doing, their professional life, and so on. In this process we often make friends or at least come across people we’d love to see again. Meeting new people on a regular basis increases exposure to exponential levels as each interaction is a chance to learn about new things. I’ve made so many friends from around the world and in doing so, have learnt so much about various cultures, traditions, the history behind them, etc.

5) An Eye That Foresees

When you pick up a camera and start clicking, what often happens is that you take millions of pictures of a single scene or subject and even then, may not be 100% satisfied because you wish it was a certain way. Sometimes, you actually fail to capture the perfect moment or the perfect angle and then feel sad about it.
With time and experience, your brain learns to predict actions happening in your surroundings. It gets trained to alert you right before the perfect moment so you spend less time and still get the perfect shot.

6) Calm

Photography is something that requires a person to be calm. It also provides you with calmness if you’re stressed out. Many times, photographers wait so long just to be able to get that perfect shot. Be it wildlife, sunsets, skies, plants, surroundings, and whatnot. Calmness is key. Taking your time is key.
In my case, whenever I’m feeling low or stressed, I pick my camera and start clicking. And with this, I enter into my own world, the world of whatever I’m clicking. The stress-free zone. The calm zone.

List Of Why I Love Photography Quotes

1. “I Love Photography And I Love The Art Of Photography”

2. “Photography Is The Only Language That Can Be Understood Anywhere In The World”

3. “Photography Is A Love Affair”

4. “Only Photograph What You Love”

5. “Photography Is The Story I Fail To Put In Words”

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Why I Love Photography? My Passion For Photography
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