Why I Hate My IT class teacher

Why I Hate My IT class teacher

“A person you hate the most?” A question to which instantly, a name pops in my head. Who is he? Well, he’s my IT class teacher. In fact, he’s the only person I hate. I know what I’m saying is really harsh but that’s how I feel about him and I’ve got reasons that, to me, justify my statement. The reasons are numerous . A man with a very negative behavior and thus, as soon as he enters, all I get is negative energy/vibes.

Basically, the main issue is that he’s very strict. He’s has his rules and makes everyone follow them. He doesn’t care about the students as he’s least bothered whether not or we understand what he’s teaching and just continues covering as much portion as he can. To him, this is his duty and he’s fulfilling it. It’s as if he’s just like us, comes for the attendance only. He never answers our questions politely and always says that we should understand everything because it’s all from the previous classes.

He makes us write the class work and doesn’t let us take a picture of the board. And this causes a lot of problem as were busy copying it down and we miss what he’s explaining. He’s strict with the homework and attendance too. At times, he wouldn’t even let us go to the washroom because he thinks we just wanna skip his class and have fun (that’s true to some point but it’s due to his behavior). Even though we’re in high school, he treats us like we’re elementary kids. I hope he rots in hell.

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Why I Hate My IT class teacher

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