Why I hate Brown Aunties

Desi Aunties, Tbh Brown Aunties are really weird aunties you’ve ever seen, They’ll talk so much shit about you backbite about you, and make useless rumours about you, Judge you on the bases of your looks and start making stories and so on, they’ll judge you on the basis of the companies you keep, But Beware these kinds of aunties are mostly found in Shopping malls, 70% or 50% sales shops, Some sort of Chor bazar (the shops where you find cheap things which are mostly second hand), Parks on Weekends and mostly will be spying on you, if you ever see an aunt in some shopping mall or etc, Run for your lives because you don’t even know what rumours will be about you. Some Brown Aunties Are Extremely Sweet Cupcake Gummy Bears, Seriously they show so much love to you and whenever you visit their place they make you feel like home and they obviously change your views about some bad aunties around, they’ll be so awesome just like your mom’s sister (Khala), and some are just like (phuphos) father’s sister, Umm, not all phuphos are evil but some are really are.
Coming to the other types, These Aunties are mostly called the Rishta Aunties (A walking Matrimonial Site), I don’t why they do these kinds of things, Okay some people are doing this for business purposes but who are not doing such business also keep on Advertising
Rishta makes me sick, Whenever they comes to your house or meet you somewhere after Hi Hello one thing they’ll Ask you I need a rishta for my daughter and my son and etc and sometimes they’ll be asking about If you have some girl who is all educated and pretty for her useless relative or some good looking and rich guy for her uneducated Matrik pass girl, But they’ll be mostly meet you in get-togethers, wedding, Funerals and family functions.
Now the other Categories of Aunties are The Sweet Blades (Meethi churri), These aunties are really weird, they kiss you face hug you like they have so much love and affection for you if you ever go to their house, they’ll be stuffing you with everything and be praising about your looks and dresses, as soon as you leave, they’ll be backbiting you and talking about how much you ate, how messy your hair was how ugly you are and how worst is your fashion sense is shit.
Coming down the next category of Aunties The Family Praising Machine, Okay I literally hate them like they think their family is so damn perfect and good and the best in everything. But the reality is kinda different. Like they’ll keep praising about their daughters that they are so perfect they are beautiful, they are good in studies and can do well good chores, they never text or call someone, they don’t social network and they always are praying and doing all religious activities and all, but the reality is This girl just overreact when some guests are over if you ever see her at school or somewhere else She’ll be getting worsts grades than you and she’ll be the one who studies when the finals are near, and who will be always talking about boys and texting and would be famous on Instagram and facebook etc. and will do everything to lie etc

Why I hate Brown Aunties
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