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Why Green Colour Should Be Your Best Friend?

Green is the prime colour of the world and that from which its loveliness arises.

As most of us are aware by now that colours aren’t just something that’s meaningless, used in design and decoration. They’re much more than that. If used correctly, they have a lasting impact on our mental and physical health.

Color Psychology is widely studied and applied in various fields of life and work. It’s proven that our brain is influenced by the sight of colors. This influence can affect our perspective, behavior, reaction, emotions, etc.

Chromotherapy, also known as the color therapy is used in both traditional and modern medicine. Not equally though, as color therapy is still finding its ground in western medicine. Experts use it to treat and heal patients of all kinds. It is a ritual and tradition for the ancient Egyptians and so, has been around from thousands of years.

Out of all these beautiful colours, the colour green is of great importance to the researchers and therapists. It is important to people of other professions too. All due to its unimaginably good qualities. A few of which are listed below:

1. The Safest Color

It is considered the safest colour by colour therapy experts as it is the most highly balanced colour. Myths believe, and studies show, that green is closely connected to bringing peace and strength to us.

2. Calm

Green symbolizes nature. And hence, it’s the most soothing and calming colour of all. Greenery has forever been relaxing and refreshing to us. Dark greens have properties that detoxify our brain and brings it peace.
It is due to these reasons, that people are encouraged to add bits of green in their work area and home.
People also put up dark green wallpapers in their offices or living rooms as it calms down and makes a person feel better in stressful situations.

3. Energy Restorer

Vibrant shades of green often have an energizing impact on humans. Some people have observed themselves to be more pumped when in a green environment. In some cultures, it is closely associated with luck and good fortune. It is also linked with hope and so, radiates positive energy.

4. We See It Better

Yes, that’s right! According to CNN and other genuine studies, green is the colour that our eyes see better than any other colour. This is probably because our eyes contain rods and cones. Rods are the cells responsible for sensing green and are more concentrated than cones in general.
So as rod cells are more concentrated, we see green better.

5. Good For Health

Adding plants to your home is as crucial as is light. However, not many people are aware of its importance. Plants do purify the air but that’s not the main point of discussion here. The green component of plants brings tranquillity to your home. And makes it feel cosier. Their sight reduces stress and so, they are great for having a healthier mind. You can even grow your own little greens and consume them. And so, along with a healthy mind, you might as well have a healthy body!
Nutritionists and doctors highly recommend green juices for a healthy life. Greens hold in them a power, unmatched by anything else ever.

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Why Green Colour Should Be Your Best Friend?

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