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Why Do We Need To Unban PUBG In Pakistan?

Why Do We NEED To Unban PUBG In Pakistan?

29 days later, and PUBG still remains banned in Pakistan. The reason? Well, let’s just say PTA themselves.

Unfortunately, our PTA department fails to acknowledge that PUBG isn’t just a game for everyone who plays. It is also a source of livelihood for many! In a country like Pakistan, most of the people (well-educated or skilled) are struggling to get a job and most of the times, fail to get one. COVID-19 has made it even worse, as numerous people have either lost their jobs or are given unpaid leaves.

Given this situation, people here, especially the youth is looking for new, innovative ways to make money. And one of the most effective and popular ways is through esports. Many PUBG players stream their matches on YouTube or other gaming websites and earn a living.

Whereas for many others, it aids them in coping with/lowering depression as it makes for an excellent hobby.

In order for Pakistan to progress, PTA must recognize the importance of esports and the MASSIVE role that technology plays in developing a country before its too late! Other than them, the journalists and influential people should also try and educate themselves a little about esports and what is really is, instead of wasting their time bashing what they know nothing about.

For the first time a Pakistani team is playing in PUBG World League Tournament and despite all these complications (disadvantages of higher ping, etc) and literally no support from the country (ban), their performance is literally impeccable! So this is also a platform that lets us showcase our matchless talent to the world!

We should cancel this banning culture as it only drives business OUT of the country. If not, then we should prepare ourselves to face some serious consequences and setbacks in the future.

As far as addiction is concerned, there are several other ways to keep that in check. A couple most effective of them being: parents paying attention to, and setting a time limit for their children. Also, the government can set a time limit for the public.

PTA if you don’t want to do it for the people, do it for the country.

Why Do We Need To Unban PUBG In Pakistan?

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