Why Did I Call Cops On My Brother?

My younger brother, like most teenagers, is a thrill-seeking daredevil. He smokes pot and thinks he can still drive.

Whenever he smokes, he gets too high to drive and yet he’d be right there in the driver’s seat and off he’d go. God knows where. He loves it and is too confident of himself.

Some days ago, I came to know, from a trusted source, that he drove after having alcohol -a lot of it- and that’s when I realized I had more than enough of all this! So I called the cops and made an anonymous complaint to get him arrested. Within 15 minutes they were here, arresting him. He’s in a drunk tank right now and let’s see what happens next.

I’m never gonna tell him that I called the cops on him but I really really hope that he learns a lesson from this and changes his habits a bit for his own safety. I don’t want him to suffer now or ever but this is much better than the suffering that he may have to face as a consequence of his vile actions.

Why Did I Call Cops On My Brother?

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