Why Books are necessary
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Why books are necessary?

Why reading books are necessary?
There are days when you are tired of everything around you, you become afraid of reality.

You just want to go in to an imaginary word like alice in wonderland lol. You want to avoid everyone without hurting them. You just want to step in to some other world if you feel like this trust me books are the best

I remember when i was in 8th class and it was our library class and at that age we mostly used to do fun and all and I never read a single book in library class lol.

But then one single day I thought why not I try a book and then that was the time i started reading and then i never left books alone in those shelves
I forgot everything around me and just started reading books. I never knew they could know me so well . You might think that its strange but trust me a book will sometime relate to your life so much and you will be like thank GOD I know what to do in life now.

Books will become your bestfriends and they will teach you so many things. They will hold your tears in the soft pages. They will hold all the memories of you and when after so many years you will open the book again you will find the same beautiful feeling again. You will remember how this book has so much of your feelings hidden in it. I think i cant even explain it

Books are lifechanging they will always relate to you in some matters. They will never dissapoint you. You can cry, you can laugh they will keep all the memories.
Today I have so many books and so many memories with each book. It is a really beautiful feeling
Try a book and you will find it yourself <3

Why books are necessary?

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