Where is HARVARD University?

This story was sent by Shauna.

So this happened like about a few months ago I was out with my three friends in a bar for a drink so there we saw like these three guys staring at us or maybe actually checking us out well, I told my friends about them and we started to laugh and make jokes that if we go out with them so which one will we all choose for ourselves. After about 5min one of them come to us and say ladies the drink is on us and we were like sure bring it on hahaha then he politely asked us if his friends could join him and we were like yeah why not. I was like really in a different mood that night I just wanted to have fun and laugh. We started to talk and discuss different things about our hobbies, favorite movies and more things like this. Apparently one of them was like trying to really act like he is some sort of special person there and we all are just beneath him and this attitude of him was actually pissing me off, but I tried to keep things cool after that we started discussing about which school we went and are we still in school or have graduated well, even before anyone of us could speak that special person came in running into the conversation that he went to Harvard and that very moment I don’t know how it happened with a straight face I said where? is that in the US and I still remember their faces, they were like super shocked and at the same time pissed but I was laughing from inside and they were like its the most prestigious school in the US and I was like oh wow but sorry I have no idea about it and they were like, how could you not know and I was like well, sorry I just don’t know and after that they were like well it was nice meeting you all but we need to leave now. After they left my friends asked me why did I said that I didn’t know about Harvard and I was like well I just wanted to have fun. 😛

Where is HARVARD University?

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