What would you do if you were in my place? Should I confess my love?

Hey, FamersOnline Community How are you all?

Today i am here to ask you all some questions i am so confused and so tired of hiding my feelings.

He is older than me but age doesn’t matters when you love someone
Isn’t it? Yeah I love him and i dont know about other things we met in an online game isn’t it funny? Maybe it was written in my fate to meet him and love him. I came to know about him through a mutual friend. I haven’t confessed my feelings yet and I know it is of no use to confess because he is getting married this year in december maybe.

But what about my heart ? What would you do if you are in my place ? Would you confess? I dont want anything from him I dont expect anything from him i just want him to be happy to be successful.

Thats all I want but I only want one thing from him his time his friendship and the right to let me confess whats hidden in my heart. Then even if he dont love me back i will not be sad because its his choice but I just want to confess my love and let him know how much I love him.

Would he let me confess my feelings I am so scared I thought of sending him a message on whatsapp but my heart trembles what if he gets angry
Its so confusing and I am so tired of everything. I would be really happy if he would ask me once about whats in my heart and then I will not stop and pour out everything in my heart ❣ 

(If you guys also have a confession or story to share then do share it with us and Become a Famer)

What would you do if you were in my place? Should I confess my love?

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