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What Will I Do If A Woman Hits Me Unrighteously?

In my mature opinion, a man should be allowed to hit a woman back.

Don’t get me wrong you all. I completely understand that usually when a woman hits a man, it’s because that man is either crossing his limits, being inappropriate or even worse- physically abusing that woman. That man gets hit as a consequence of his own actions. They must be hit in such, and other genuine conditions. I totally agree with this.

But what I don’t agree with is that one mustn’t hit a woman back in any condition! No matter what happens.

People always say that women are weak, sensitive, fragile creatures and so hitting them back is not an option. But what if they hit a man for something that doesn’t require physically abuse or, at times, isn’t even true. Isn’t this wrong and unjust to us men? Don’t you think that it’s our right to hit back?

There are times when women are unjust but come out clean by playing the woman card. By doing so, they get applauded (usually by other women) for their very wrong behaviour and hate towards men in general instead of holding them accountable for foul behaviour. And this encourages them to do more. And so these days, many such cases are emerging and causing trouble in society.

I’m a man who respects women. And I believe in the saying, “respect to be respected”. I don’t care what anyone says about this. But if a woman unrighteously hits me, I’m hitting her back straight away! No matter what the consequences. Because it’s just not right.

I’m tired of this! And I will not support or fall prey to this cruel behaviour in any condition.


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What Will I Do If A Woman Hits Me Unrighteously?

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