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What is it like to live with Depression

Depression, a mental illness that adversely affects the mind and body. It turns a person’s completely normal life to hell and with time, makes it very tough for the sufferer to continue living. It drags him deep down to emotional lows from where the ‘coming back up’ for the sufferer becomes almost impossible and, at times, it hurts him so much that he decides to take his own life by artificial means.

So depression does not go away on its own and needs a lot of energy and the constant struggle to reduce it and, at last, get rid of it.
People suffering from depression feel extremely lonely and sadly most of the times. Along with that, they face changes in sleep and hunger patterns, are unable to focus, often show antisocial behaviour, have low self-esteem and confidence, etc.

People suffering from depression often find it difficult to interact with people as they feel that there’s no one who can understand their pain and so they stop seeing people and talking to them. No matter how lonely they may feel, they distant themselves until they are left all alone.

However, it is our responsibility to take action if we see our family member’s or friend’s, colleague’s behaviour changing and showing some symptoms of depression. We should start talking to them and ask them if they are alright. Sometimes, it’s just normal sadness and issues. But if it isn’t, then you could prove to be of great help to the sufferer by informing other close ones about it and prevent it or get the treatment started before it gets too serious. You’d save a life!
The treatment of depression mainly includes talking to a therapist, taking antidepressant pills, and meditation. This can be done and suggested by professionals.

What you can do is talk to the patient as much as you can, spend more time with them and do fun activities together. Motivate the patient and make them feel worthy of living a good quality of life. Try to raise their self-confidence by reminding them of their achievements and other good deeds.

Try to do things as consistently as you can because it is the key to finally seeing a clear positive difference in the person’s health mental and physical. It can be quite exhausting at times, but remember that they’re someone you love and that they’re in a lot of pain and would be in more if you won’t help. If everyone, like family and friends all, plays their part and do little by little effort, it wouldn’t be much stressful for anyone but would be a really really great help to the patient and hopefully, will help him recover with much ease so that he can live a healthy, happy life.

What is it like to live with Depression

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