Wearing Dresses is an art

Wearing a dress is an art and most people fail in handling this art as it should be

Wearing a dress is an art and most people fail in handling this art as it should be. Most of us, wear jeans throughout the year. It is because jeans are truly a dress of consistency and you can wear them around the year. Either it’s winter or summer, your denim pants are going to assist you anywhere, all the time. Wearing jeans, make you look really attractive but do you know some of the things, that can make you look even more attractive and smaller in age. Yes, you read it right, when I said, “..look at least 10 years younger..” I am breaking it into different ways that you can adopt. So, let get to the way/tip no. 1:

1. Never wear dull colors, by dull I mean the colors that are not sparking ones. Yes, it’s true that jeans are usually in the blue or black color, but that doesn’t mean there are no other colors available. Yes, there are, and for you to look smaller and younger than who you actually are. You need to wear more attractive, shocking, and sparkling colors. And if you are not a fan of wearing sparkling colors, in jeans. You can amplitude and diversify the impact by wearing a shocking or glaring color shirt with it. Also, you can add bright and attractive color boots, muffler, coat, belt, etc.

2. Always always avoid baggy jeans If you are plus-size, and don’t know how to fit yourself into those slim fit or skinny jeans. You don’t need to worry as there are several jeans that go perfectly for women like you. Women with big stomachs and skinny legs, can try wearing skinny jeans with a slightly extra room around their hips and have more comfort.

3. Looking slimmer will also help you look younger Here’s a secret connection between how you look and what age you will impact. If you are shorter and slimmer, you will be perceived with less age, as compared to if you are fat. So, in case you are fat, a little bit of properly fat. And over that, you are also short in length. Then you must take care of this; looking slimmer and longer. To do that, you need to, first of all, wear high-rise jeans. High-rise jeans have their waistband around your belly button and this gives an extra length to your legs, which gives the perception that you are looking taller in jeans Another way to give a perception of looking tall in jeans is that, you start wearing uni-color dresses. The same color shirt and jeans don’t dissect your body into segments and help you look taller. Similarly, the old-fashioned traditional way of wearing heels is still there. You can also add it to the list. Boots, and especially cowboy boots are also really helpful in creating the same perception. Final Words I hope you liked my tips and they will help you a lot to look slimmer. I am Ava Sophia and will be waiting anxiously to see your responses in the comments section. Bye/.

Wearing a dress is an art and most people fail in handling this art as it should be

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