We won’t forget , We won’t forgive

Life is so unpredictable
On 16 Dec 2014, it was the worst day for the whole of mankind. There was a terrorist attack on an army public school in Pakistan ( Peshawar ). Many innocent souls lost their lives. I still remember that day. My heart still becomes heavy thinking of that day.

A child who wakes up early in the morning. His mother sends him to school with so many dreams in her eyes for his bright future and then the child never comebacks home. Just imagine the pain of that mother who never sees her child again. It was the last goodbye.
I can’t even describe the pain in words. I just want to cry. They went to school and never came back ? . So many people lost their friends and siblings. Isn’t it heartbreaking that your friend with whom you would laugh cry and enjoy is no more in this world.

December is such a painful month for me and for all those parents who lost their children in this month but the main thing is they never lost hope. They are still happy that their children are at a better place now and they lost their lives for their homeland.
We should never lose hope. If there are bad days, good days will also come to you. We all are fighting hidden battles which we don’t share with others, we cry alone but we laugh in front of others but the main thing is don’t lose hope.

I pray that God gives strength to all the families who lost their children. It is heartbreaking but life goes on.
And we will never forget those little souls.
The smallest coffins are the heaviest?

We won’t forget , We won’t forgive

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