Upsetting Ban Of PUBG In Pakistan
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Upsetting Ban Of PUBG In Pakistan

On 1st July 2020, PTA took the grave decision of banning PUBG in Pakistan with immediate effect and as a result, thousands of gamers were left wondering why they weren’t able to log in to their PUBG accounts or start a match. PTA just ‘temporarily’ banned it without even informing the public or putting up even a single tweet announcing the ban.


They did so after receiving a few complaints from parents, claiming that their kids were not only wasting time and money but also showed weak progress in their studies and committed suicides. All of this was wholly blamed on PUBG by these parents.
Well, I along with most people here, do agree that PUBG is quite addictive but also think that kids must be looked upon by the adults and should be raised well. It’s a parent’s duty to allow their kids a healthy time for games and keep an eye on them. Pubg is a game played all around the world and no one is banning it but we are. Why is it so? Isn’t it finally time that the adults take their responsibilities and work on their own weaknesses instead of playing a blame game? Isn’t it time yet to acknowledge mental health and the issue in youth and works on making them better instead of worse?


Listed below are just a few of the issues that people in Pakistan are facing due to the ban:

* A Pakistani team was selected for the first time by Pubg World League and they couldn’t practice for the upcoming tournament. This had a very negative impact on their performance.
* Pubg was the only source of income for many gamers here and they’re now facing great loss as unemployment is also an issue in Pakistan, especially more during these testing times.
* Many gamers invested a considerable amount of money and all of a sudden, it’s of no use.
* Quarantine is already stressful for most guys as they have to stay at home so many of them played PUBG to pass time in a healthy way.
* A lot of people played PUBG to cope with their real-life issues and stresses. This could aggravate their mental health issues.

By 9th July, two high courts reserved their judgments but haven’t yet announced them and God knows how long it’s gonna take. The issue is that PTA isn’t even replying back or addressing as to when they’re going to unban it or when the courts’ releasing their statements and it’s driving the gamers nuts. Their frustration can be assessed by the fact that almost a million tweets have been tweeted to PTA in the past two weeks, not to mention that they haven’t replied even to a single one.

Upsetting Ban Of PUBG In Pakistan

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