Unluckily Ran Into My Boss On A False Leave

Me and my friends had been planning a meet up from the longest time but couldn’t actually meet due to Covid-19 or sometimes, other commitments. Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday and so, we all planned to throw her a surprise birthday party. What a perfect plan!

I was assigned the job of getting party decorations. As it was during working days and my job had resumed after a month long quarantine break, I decided to call in with a fake medical leave letter and get a couple days off! The plan was to go get the supplies on the first day of leave and the party was the next day.

I woke up really excited and went to a local mall. I quickly got all that I was looking for and decided to reward myself with a cup of coffee. Little did I knew that I was about to get rewarded for lying!

As I stood there in the line waiting for my turn, I looked around and made an eye contact with someone.. someone who looked very familiar. Only to realize that it was my boss! What were the chances that I’d run into him on my false leave? I’d say one in a million! But here we were. I quickly turned away and prayed with all my heart that he wouldn’t notice but soon someone tapped my shoulder and as expected, it was him. No surprise this time.

With all those latex balloons floating on our heads, and bags filled with party stuff in my hands, I was red with embarrassment as he asked me if I was feeling “well”.

Anyways, I’ve been called in for a “little discussion” at the office tomorrow so I’d be getting pretty late for the surprise. Now I’m having anxiety but I am penning all this down so it may calm me a bit. Pray for me guys.

Unluckily Ran Into My Boss On A False Leave

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