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Try Smoothie To Gain Weight

How can Smoothie help you gain weight?

Gaining weight can be both tough, and easy. It really just depends on you. If you’re underweight, then gaining it is quite hard. And if you’re overweight and want to lose some, then safe to say, it’s the easiest thing on the planet! You may think hitting the gym will help you gain. Well Yes, it will help you but you need to understand more than weights it’s your diet which will help you gain.

Gaining weight isn’t an overnight thing to happen. And so, consistency is the key. If you change your diet and increase calorie intake drastically, only then will you see a quick difference? Otherwise, it’s a long long journey.

One day, I was just scrolling on Instagram like any other lazy person. And I stumbled upon this amazing 1000 calorie smoothie that makes weight gain yummy. To be honest, the results exceeded my expectations.
And a plus point is that it’s healthy.

This is why I think it’s worth sharing.

Try Smoothie To Gain Weight
Smoothies can Help you gain weight

-You’ll need:

1 cup full fat buffalo milk (237 calories)
50g greek yogurt (50 calories)
250g mango (220 calories)
120g banana (105 calories)
2tbsp creamy peanut butter (200 calories)
1tbsp chia seeds (60 calories)
1tbsp honey (60 calories)
15g almond powder (80 calories)

Just blend all these ingredients and gulp it all in. Have this 4-5 times to see best results. Calories provide our body with energy. The energy that it needs for metabolism and health. High calories, however, aid immensely in weight gain. So this 1000 calories shake is a high-calorie one. And hence, will help you gain weight. I hope this recipe of mine will help you guys gain weight.

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Try Smoothie To Gain Weight

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