Travelling to America for the first time

Hey, guys hope you all are doing great. My name is Hiroto. Today I am going to share my travelling story to America. Since I was young visiting America was one of my dreams. As I was born in a small town in Osaka and financially my family wasn’t really doing good so you can understand why traveling to the States was like a dream to me. Actually, it’s a dream for many people who have the same financial condition as mine. So coming back to my story as time was passing I was trying to find a way to save up money to travel to America but unfortunately, without any full-time job I couldn’t really save much, and even if I did I had to support my parents.

So when I was in 11th standard one of my teachers with whom I had actually always discussed this dream of traveling to America suggested that I should try to score good marks in my high school and then apply for a scholarship in uni in the US. TBH at first, I thought that it was like I won’t stand a chance as so many other students apply for scholarships but then I thought this is the only way atm I have to actually let my dream come true. So I started to study even harder. And I was able to score quite good grades and then applied to almost every university which was giving scholarships. And thankfully I was actually accepted in most of them but then I chose the best one which I thought was best for me. My family was happy for me and I was just in shock as I couldn’t believe I was gonna travel to America. My dream was coming true. Finally travelling to America for the first time. My message to every reader is my dream big but also work hard for those dreams. Whatever your situation is use the best of it.

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