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Top 5 Memes on the Internet today

In the Internet world memes are the biggest part of it and today we will be sharing with you some of the few memes which we found on the internet today.

1. This has to be one of the most relateble and funny meme. I mean just look at Vin Diesel face it looks so legit.

2. This dude wants to play Mario Kart in the real world.

3. Damn, this looks terrifying i mean imagine kids having teeth and they smile like this we all would never find any cute baby in this world again.

4. No matter how much you hate Monday end of the day you gotta wake up and go to school/work. Unless you are lucky enough to actually stay at home.

5. Admit it, we all hated PE teachers for their extra obsession with getting us all super fit like we all are going to participate in the Olympics.

Top 5 Memes on the Internet today

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