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Top 10 Dumbest Tweets

Admit it guys, we all have at some point of our lives said the dumbest thing which we always regret, but what I am gonna share with you in this post might make you feel better about yourself because these people are on all different level of when it comes to saying dumb things.


Yes, it takes 18 months for twins to be born. 🙂 I am sure according to her if twins are born in 9 months those kids are not normal.


Oh, Dylan my friend why would you want to kill yourself but I am glad you are not committing suicide. Respect for my boy <3


Wow, even I had no idea apples can be green omg. Guys, have you ever seen a green apple?

Guys do let me know what do u like to be an uncle or auntie 🙂


Oh yes both of them are twin brothers 🙂


Oh wow, what an idea who needs charger I am gonna charge my phone in the microwave.

Neither can I believe that earth right now at the time of this post is 2018 years old.


Guys tell her please what’s Obama’s last name is 🙂


Yes, guys, the Earth is flat just accept it all those who’ve been saying the earth is round are bunch of stupid idiots.


Well though she has given most of her debit card details but still, you need the CVV code to use it online. So our dear Bae thought why not share that as well. She is so kind-hearted. Respect for her. <3

Well after this she, however, did learn her lesson. And cancelled her card and ordered a new one.

Oh, my bad no she didn’t learn her lesson but its still unknown did she also showed her CVV code or not?

So, guys, these were some of the dumbest tweets if you guys have anything crazy then make sure to send it to us at
Top 10 Dumbest Tweets

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