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Tips On How To Keep Your Whites, White, As Snow

Whites, as often seen, turn yellowish or dull with time. This is because the fabric and its colour react with body salts, greasiness, dirt, etc.

Tired of having your favourite whites turning yellowish? Or just wearing whites occasionally so they don’t get dull? We here at FamersOnline are! (Or more accurately, were.) And so, we did a little research and rounded up some tips. Most of which are cost, effort and time-efficient.

1- Wash Whites Separately From Colored
First things first. You might’ve heard about this step and although this one may take some effort and time, it’s totally worth it.
Some of the coloured clothes are fast to fade and some colours bleed in initial washes. They lose their dyes very slightly with each wash or in multiple washes. Light coloured clothes, especially whites, are prone to picking up this colour, resulting in different coloured ‘whites’.
Washing whites separately or with light, pastel clothes will ensure that they retain their beautiful crisp whiteness!

2- Use A Detergent With Added Whitener
Some detergents are made specifically for whitewashes. These include optical whiteners or brighteners. These reflect blue light more, making them look extra white!

3- Wash In The Warmest Possible Water
This step is crucial in order to get the dirt out of your whites. Hot water helps soften and loosen up the dirt particles and so they come off much more effectively. We suggest reading the clothes label prior to putting them in hot water as some delicate fabric may not be able to handle it.

4- Use Some Vinegar
Dull whites and light spots that just never seem to completely go away? This is when vinegar comes to the rescue! Vinegar not only is acidic and so neutralizes basic stains but also has the amazing properties of being anti-bacterial and anti-limescale. It also aids the detergent in dissolving and so gets rid of soap residue. Although it is a lighter alternative to bleach, it still is very effective.

5- Add Borax Or Baking Soda
These are perfect detergent boosters! They maximize their power and so help remove stains with much more efficiency. You can add about half a cup of either one in each whitewash if you need that extra.

6- Dry Them Outdoors
The Sun- a whites best friend! Sunlight has natural bleaching properties and so it helps the whites loosen any colour stains or the general dull shade on it. For best results, we suggest taking them back in before dusk so they don’t absorb extra moisture from the air.
Also, before hanging them to dry, check for any remaining dirt stains. If any, treat them first, otherwise chances are they might get permanent.

7- Invest In A Soft Water System
Other factors include having hard water for washing. This causes scaling and deposits on the cloth and so, it isn’t good at all for whites. Try switching to a soft water system.

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Tips On How To Keep Your Whites, White, As Snow

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