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The Real Truth About COVID-19

So almost everyone’s well aware of the disease COVID-19 as very recently, it has rapidly spread throughout the world like a forest fire. With its spread, it’s taking the whole world down and it’s not just the disease alone, that’s taking the world down, but also the misinformation that is being spread by the media.

Media has spread many rumours, false information which has lead people to believe in one of the two extremities. Some of them believe that it’s just common flu, fever, the mortality rates’ 2% and that everything’s fine.

These type of people did not take (and are still not taking) any necessary precautions to help stop the virus from infecting more and more people. Whereas the others believing that it’s severe pneumonia that’s gonna get everyone and will soon end the world. Such types took the whole situation more serious than necessary and hoarded supplies that’d last them forever, resulting in empty markets, panic, etc, making the situation worse.

The truth is that it’s not that severe or chronic, BUT precautions must be taken to flatten the curve. Social distancing and sanitizing are the two most crucial steps to take, in order to slow down the rising numbers of cases.

Social Distancing:
Social distancing turned out to be more complicated and tough for people than expected. Hence, calling for lockdowns in several different countries and towns. Staying at home as much as possible will greatly benefit from protecting you from the disease.

Another main step is to keep clean of yourself and your surroundings. Wash your hands with soap after short intervals, disinfect surfaces at your home or work etc, use sanitizer after touching objects that may be unclean, do not touch your face, etc, are a few tips that’d help you in keeping clean and virus-free.

Eat healthily:
Eat meals that are enriched with vitamins, fibre, and incorporate superfoods, greens, lots of fruits into your diet. This helps strengthen metabolism and immune system.

Lastly, Relax:
Do not stress about the pandemic and just follow the tips and carry on with the day with a smile. Stressing only makes the situation more complicated and significantly lowers the strength of the immune system.
Try new hobbies or just do what you love, call your friends and family, exercise at home to stay active, try new recipes, experiment with your artistic side, read a book, etc to get the best out of this time of yours at home.

The Real Truth About COVID-19

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