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These are the Major Signs of Depression

Depression- the most common psychological disease around the world, is a mood disorder that is characterized by unhappiness, lack of interest for a long period of time. And this has a turning down effect on our body and soul.

It is twice as much found in women than men according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And the onset can be due to various reasons, reasons as simple as the loss of a loved one, loss in business, etc.
It is a type of disease, that is easier to prevent than cure and hence, it is very important for us to pay attention to the early signs that, if not treated, lead to depression. Many people don’t pay heed to the symptoms, let alone the disease itself and so chances are, they may lead an unhappy, unhealthy life that is unsatisfactory for both the person and his family.
Unfortunately, almost every single person experiences a short-lived period of depression at least once in their lifetime and so, this makes it very important for everyone to be familiar with at least the basic symptoms of it.

1- Loss of energy
One of the most common symptoms is the sudden loss of interest/energy. The person starts feeling lazy and lethargic and is unable to get himself to work or any other activity like he normally would.

2- Change in sleep pattern
The person may find a considerable change in his sleep pattern. He may sleep more than usual or less or even no sleep at all during some nights. Sleepless nights mostly aggravate symptoms and so this is more harmful than sleeping more than normal.

3- Change in appetite
Just like sleep patterns, appetite patterns change. The feeling of hunger too can get more or less than usual. However, hunger and intake of food significantly decreases in most cases and adversely affects the health of mind and body.

4- Loss of interest
People who feel sad generally lose interest in themselves and activities such that they no longer want to retain a good physical appearance or work status.

Other symptoms include finding it hard to concentrate, study, feeling worthless, avoiding family, friends and people in general, etc.
Fortunately, it can be treated and the treatment includes support from loved ones, regular visits to psychiatrists and even medications that are antidepressants prescribed by the psychiatrists.
We should consider ourselves responsible to help people around us from getting depressed or sad. And so by helping them, we indirectly help ourselves as we will soon be living in a society where everyone around us is content and kind.

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