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The Best Ways To Handle Rejection

Rejection is painful to handle. Everyone gets rejected once in a while for various things, big or small, like a relationship, job, or even a cat running away when you want to pet it! etc, and they handle it differently. No matter who you are, you always get hurt by it. At least for some time you do and mostly, time heals your wound but you still don’t completely get over it and when reminded of it, you won’t feel good.

Rejection can do terrible things to anyone who takes it personally and puts strong belief into it. It can cause great emotional pain and make the person rejected feel very low. He feels hurt and at times, angry and in some cases, it gets even worse as this anger can lead to some kind of vengeance. Anyways, the fact remains that rejection is always hurtful. However, the most unfortunate part is not the rejection itself, but how we self-inflict the damage and keep doing hurting ourselves for a long time even though we shouldn’t. We destabilize ourselves by constantly blaming ourselves of not being good enough and lower our self-esteem.
People make many mistakes when they hurt and do not know how to react to it and handle it. Rejection should be handled with care to protect yourself from being hurt furthermore and to avoid any sort of anger or grudge towards someone as it is a lot more harmful to your own self than theirs.


To avoid making silly mistakes, you must first of all, be well aware of the fact that you’re not alone if you ever get rejected. People around us get rejected all the time not necessarily for big things but even tiniest ones! Like wanting to go somewhere on a camping trip but friends suggest otherwise, etc. Also, talk to friends, family, coworkers about it and learn about their experiences and how they handled it. You’ll be surprised by how many people have faced it.


Know that rejection can be pretty destructive ONLY when you take it in a negative way, blame yourself for it, and lose hope. Instead, use it to improve yourself by working towards betterment. This will make you feel good about yourself and you’ll see rejection as a blessing and so, it wouldn’t bother you negatively anymore.

When going through rejection, it’s better to stay away for a while from the person who rejected you. This will help you cool down a bit and this will prove to be very beneficial for you as you won’t say something rude to them and then regret it later. Hurting someone back can cause even more of a problem than less and it’s not their responsibility anyway to deal with the negative emotions that you’re feeling due to it.

You should take care of yourself at all times, especially at a fragile time like when going through a rejection that is hurting you. Take rest from people who bring negativity to you and take your time to heal from the damage. Tell yourself that you’re not worthless, and build back your self-esteem. Remind yourself of all the good things that you’ve done and achieved, and promise yourself to do even better in the coming time. Know that you’re capable of a lot of great things and that you’re loved by many.

Family and friends can be really uplifting at times like these. They motivate you into doing things that you are passionate about and they remind you of how much they value your presence and how good of a person you are. This is very important for bringing back self-esteem and self-confidence. You feel of great worth when you’re around them. You also get reminded that they are always there for you no matter what. This brings courage and happiness to a person who is broken.

So basically rejection is something that is faced by everyone at some point (or many) in their life. But always remember to build back your self-confidence and self-esteem and use rejection as a motivation to do better in life

The Best Ways To Handle Rejection

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