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Sunlight: A Friend, Or Foe?

The countless benefits of sunlight are known to mankind from long. And so without a doubt, sunlight not only is our friend but a best friend! From providing us with numerous health benefits to fun, sunny beaches. It is indeed a friend who keeps giving.

Sunlight is as necessary for us as it is for the plants. Daily adequate amounts of it elevate our mental and physical health. Although it’s practically the easiest way to boost health, not everyone gets it in adequate amount.

This may be because, say, countries in the Middle East are scorching hot in summers (temp rises upto 50 degree C) and so, their residents aren’t really interested in getting any sunlight at all. Can’t blame them now, can we? Whereas some countries like Iceland experience the shortest days in which sun only lasts a short period. Some areas in Europe are labelled as the ‘gloomiest’ and hence, less sunlight.

Other reasons may be that some people don’t like sunlight. And some aren’t aware of its benefits! Whatever the thing is, here are a few benefits and tips on why/how to get the most out of sunlight without having to worry about the electricity bills!


1- Enriches Us With Vitamin D

Studies have called vitamin D, the “sunshine” vitamin. Our bodies when exposed to sunlight, are naturally stimulated to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is responsible for keeping calcium and phosphate in check, which in turn, keep our bones and teeth firm and healthy.

2- Natural Disinfectant

The ultraviolet radiations in sunlight kill bacteria that is bad for our health. This is why it is highly recommended to have windows in your house. Specifically, in your bedroom.
In the past, hospitals were sanitized through the abundant sunlight that entered through windows. It is also scientifically proven that wounds heal quicker when exposed to sunlight. This is all due to this sanitizing property of sunlight.

3- Mood Enlightener

Just like the sunshine lights the world, it lights up our mood too. When we’re in a sun-lit environment, our brain releases the “happy hormone” serotonin. People who work or spend their days in areas that are well lit by sunlight are more productive and happier. They also feel more energetic and show enthusiasm.

4- Home Plants

Plants possess a beauty, unmatched by anything else that’s beautiful. Their lush green colour is not only calming to our eyes but it’s sight also brings steadiness to our heart. These plants need sunlight in order to flourish and grow optimally.


1- Go Out For A Day-Walk In Sunlight

You can just bask in the sunlight, or just go out for a little walk in the day to maintain your vitamin D status, increase serotonin, kill harmful bacteria, and more. But remember to bathe in sunscreen prior to stepping out!

2- Draw Back Your Curtains

Letting sunlight in by tying the curtains away or opening the blinds will prove to be excellent for your plants’ health and yours. It’ll kill bacteria and ensure that your bed is in a free-of-germs perfect condition for a good nights’ sleep.
You should also place the plants closer to the window.

3- Thermal Pane Windows

Thermal pane windows are big in the market right now. They are far better than the conventional windows in a couple of different ways. These thermal pane windows have multiple layers of insulation in them. So they allow sunlight to come through without affecting the internal temperature of the home very much. It maintains the temperature inside and so, if you replace your windows with these ones, you’ll enjoy all the great benefits of sunshine without having your electricity bills skyrocketing!

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Sunlight: A Friend, Or Foe?

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