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The Bitter Side Effects of Sugar And What To Do?

It won’t be wrong if we label sugar as a “necessary-evil”. Without sugar, life is both theoretically and practically impossible. There are numerous types of molecules that come under the umbrella of Sugar and perform vital functions that are crucial to life.

Glucose being one of the most important type of sugar that our body needs. It is the main source of energy for our body, cells, and it’s organelles. Whereas some sugar molecules/chains attach to other proteins and other biological molecules. And assist in cell to cell recognition, biological transport, formation of structural tissues, etc.

Here we’re talking about the simple, table sugar which is probably the evilest of all flavour. It indeed is addictive. Several studies show that people who aren’t sugar addicts, when indulging in sugary foods, experience their cravings increasing a notch. Let alone addicts, who find it almost impossible to restrict their intake!

Healthy Range:-

According to American Hearts Association, 9 tsp of sugar per day is the healthy limit for a man. Whereas for women, it is no more than 6 tsp per day. Unfortunately, most people consume a lot more than this healthy range on a daily basis. A Lot of foods that we eat contain sugar and we aren’t even aware of it.

Here’s why it’s important to stay in the recommended range:

1- Cardiovascular Disease

This is the most gruesome of all health drawbacks due to the overdose of sugar on a regular basis. The diseases that have complete control over how long you live.

It is a common observation that the more sugar a person consumes, the more he/she is prone to cardiovascular diseases. This relationship is known since the early 1970s. This happens because the cholesterol level increases with sugar intake. And we know, high cholesterol is the mother of cardiac diseases.

2- Diabetes

This is a pretty obvious risk that goes hand in hand with obesity. Obese people tend to be at a much higher risk of diabetes 2 than slimmer ones. Regular high sugar intake increases blood level and hence, increases insulin resistance. This leads to high sugar levels at all times, causing kidney and macrovascular problems, eye diseases, and weakening of internal organs.

3- Obesity

Excess body fat is another outcome of a high sugar diet. And this fat leads to obesity. Added sugary flavour has high calories with little to none nutrients in it. And prolonged high blood sugar levels promote selective insulin resistance in body which means that the blood sugar level remains high even in presence of insulin but speeds up the storage of fats in the body.

Also, high sugar foods tend to be pretty less filling, leading to overeating. This is due to the absence of proteins and nutrients.

Other Health Problems:

tooth decay, gum diseases, increases stress and depression, chromium, copper and vitamins deficiency, weakens immunity, premature aging, and many more.

Foods To Avoid:

All foods with added sugary flavour are to be avoided as much as one can. Desserts, fizzy drinks, artificial juices, ice creams, biscuits, other bakery items, candies, processed and preserved foods. These contain very concentrated amounts of it.

Sugars To Consume:

  1. Fructose: commonly known as ‘fruit sugar’’. Found in plants. It is present in fruits and some vegetables like apples, watermelons, zucchini, etc. As it is completely natural and organic and hence no harmful effects are known on health.
  2. Dextrose: also present. It is used in baking and medicine too. But consume in small amounts only.
  3. Sucrose: also known as ‘table sugar’. Mostly derived from sugarcane. It is also naturally occurring.
  4. Lactose: milk. It is present in all dairy products except for the ones that are specifically made for lactose-intolerant people. It is a fuel for newborns. Also, avoid flavoured dairy as it contains double the sugar.

But no matter what sugary products you consume, it’s important to keep a track on your daily intake and try your best to not exceed the limit. If you want to live your life to the fullest and stay far from a bunch of fatal diseases.

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The Bitter Side Effects of Sugar And What To Do?

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