Struggling Life Of A People Pleaser

Struggling Life Of A People Pleaser

Here I am, a society’s most vulnerable target, a People-Pleaser!

This has to be the BIGGEST flaw in me! It just has to. Because other than costing me my energy, time and money (a lot of all these!), the people around me still aren’t pleased. I’m in a constant struggle of doing more and more for anyone and everyone at this point in life even though I genuinely feel the need to STOP.

About 99% of people around me don’t pay much heed to anyone who’s mad at them. Not saying that they don’t care AT ALL, but like, they care pretty less compared to me. They just live with a different mindset and get that they can’t please everyone and this is all normal. I, on the other hand, drive myself MAD over such situations.

Due to this nature of mine, I’ve had a different -and difficult- childhood than other kids. I’ve learnt over the time that ‘normal’ people boss/bother people-pleasers more than they do to other people. I’ve come across a few teachers who used to be chill when the kids were being naughty or poor in studies but when it came to me, they kind of didn’t spare me and at most times, made me feel terrible for it.

I’ve tried to be perfect to the BEST of my ability and more. But it’s just not working for me. I will have to change this in order to live a peaceful life.

Struggling Life Of A People Pleaser

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