Stole Mom’s Money But Planning To Return

My mother always keeps her money in the locker. Yesterday, I saw her take some out and put them in the drawer and an evil idea came to my mind! The following night, she was on a night shift and my dad was in the living room, watching tv. I went to their room and stole ALL that cash! I came to my room and counted it. Found out that they were a little more than 1,000 bucks!!

The sad part is that I think my mom is aware that the money got stolen. Today, when I went downstairs for breakfast I saw her face and it seemed as if she’s been crying during the night. I asked her what it was but she said: “oh it’s nothing sweetie.. don’t worry about it.”

I feel so horrible right now and have no clue what to do. I seriously have no idea why I took that money. I didn’t need it and I never have to buy anything with my own pocket money anyways! They always buy me whatever I want.

Planning to return them back.. but she’ll definitely know or get curious about it and might find out that I was the one behind this immoral act! So I’ve decided to return them to her and say that I was keeping them safe for her and that I had forgotten to tell her that. Fingers crossed. Let’s see how this goes.

Stole Mom’s Money But Planning To Return

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