Sleeping without my Teddy Bear is a nightmare for me and I am 28

I am a 28 years old female and I am single. This confession of mine is really embarrassing. For me sleeping without my teddy bear is a nightmare. I can’t even imagine sleeping without him. I was 13 when my dad got me that teddy and ever since I have been sleeping with him. Whenever there was a situation that I had to sleep without him I was awake all night.

I would like to share one of the incidents like that with FamersOnline community. I went to a wedding of my very close friend. And I forgot to bring my teddy with me. The first night I was having nightmares as if someone would just come and kill me. I always had this thinking that my teddy protects me from every evil spirits or ghost. This thinking of mine has been for years and years. So coming back to the story. The first night I struggled to sleep. It was getting really tough for me to focus on the wedding and enjoy it. I was hardly any part of the rituals I was having anxiety attacks. My friend was able to realize this and told me to relax and just start living without my teddy. I got really angry with her and one night before her wedding I left and came back home to my teddy. Ever since then we haven’t talked. And I feel I have lost her.

Sleeping without my Teddy Bear is a nightmare for me and I am 28

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