Cheated in calculus

Sent My Friend In For My Calculus Exam

Calculus has to be the most hated subject in the world. Well, for me it is.

I’m a university student with Biology being my major and Chemistry my minor. I’ve come from a private school where I studied pre-medical. In our school, pre-med students weren’t taught Mathematics and Calculus at all and so, I know nothing about it and I actually chose this field so I wouldn’t have to study maths as I hate it.

After two blissful years of not doing math, I finally graduated from school. I applied in university and gave a GAT that had a whole section of maths in it. TBH I did remember some of what I did in my 9th and 10th grade and so somehow managed to pass it.

I started uni and they allotted me Calculus right in the first semester. I took its classes but didn’t understand a word the professor was teaching. Gave two tests and scored almost nothing! So I dropped it. But I had to pass at least one Calculus in order to graduate.

I gathered all my courage and took it again in my third semester, only to find out that I had gotten even worse. I tried my best to get a hang of it and just pass with a D. But it seemed impossible after giving the two tests. I begged a friend of mine (whose field is IT) to give my final exam and after a million puppy faces, she said yes.

Now, this is extremely risky as invigilators randomly ask students in the exam hall for their ids and check their papers. If caught, you’d get kicked out straight away! Anyways, we prayed a lot and she came back without any problem. I passed with a C. And I’m really thankful to both God and her, for helping me with this horrendous subject. It had such a toll on my mental health but now I’m at peace. Otherwise, I’m sure I would’ve stayed in university forever.

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Sent My Friend In For My Calculus Exam

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