Screw them with Kindness

Life sometimes can be hard, but the worst part is that some people can make it even harder. That was the case with Mike. After his parents died in a road accident, he was left with his grandmother. He needed to move there otherwise he would be forced to go to an orphanage. It was like a nightmare for him and he was hoping and praying every day to stay on the right track in life just like his parents wanted him to do in life.

The leaves started to fall and it was September again. This September was very difficult for him because it marked one year without his parents and also this September he had to attend the high school in another town because he was living at his grandmother’s home for about a year. He tried to deny the fact that he had to leave the house where he used to live with his parents and move in another house. So, in the past year he was living for some period in his home and for some period in his grandmother’s house in order to adjust to the change that he had to undertake. Anyway, September was here and he had to make a decision where was he going to settle down.

His grandmother was his only relative, so he decided to stay in her home. On September 1st it was Mike’s birthday. He hated the fact that he was born in September because that was such a dreadful month for him. Because of the unpleasant events in his life, he was really angry, depressed and started behaving really defiantly. When he started going into the new high school, things were not really good. Most of the students did not want to hang out with him and avoided him as much as possible. Alone, with no friends, he was not kind at all towards the other students and towards the teachers. He was even considered as the ‘weirdo’ in the class.

One day, the students sitting next to him in the classroom approached to Mike during the lunch break. His name was James. Mike ignored him because he was convinced that he would argue with him or make jokes about him. Instead, James took his hand and handed something to him. Mike was surprised and was not sure what to say to James.

“Just take it and make sure you have it with you every time you feel angry. It helped me a lot when I became an orphan, just like you” – James left the room.

          Mike opened his hand. It was a golden coin and something was written on it. It said “Always be kind, even towards those who mistreat you. You will become successful! Just be kind, there is still hope. Believe in better tomorrow!”

          Mike was confused. He went home and kept thinking about what happened today. He realized that the message is exactly what his parents would like to tell him in this period. The next day, he talked to James and understood that James used to be in the same position as Mike. He also lost his parents and now he lived with his brother and his aunt. The coin was given to him by his aunt as a gift or his 15th birthday from his parents. Mike decided to keep the coin and to live by the motto written on it.

          The next year, James’ aunt had to move, so James also moved with her and left school. After 10 years, Mike was a respected business in the area. He believed in himself and he was always kind towards people and always helped them during their tough times.  One day, a young man came to ask for a job. It was James. He looked really miserable and hopeless. James did not recognize Mike because they haven’t seen each other since that day. Mike recognized James immediately, but he did not say anything about who he was. At the end of the conversation, Mike just handed the coin to him and said “It seems like you have forgotten something really important during your tough times. Believe in yourself, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Just be kind towards yourself and towards other people!”

Screw them with Kindness

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