Resisting Myself From Self-Harming Again

Resisting Myself From Self-Harming Again

Hey, Guys, I need to confession how hard it is for me to Resist Myself From Self-Harming Again

I hope at least a few people might just be able to see me as I am- innocent and at this point in life, vulnerable… Self-harming only because it helps me cope with my anxieties and depression.

It all started about a year ago when my best friend and her family was murdered. Apparently they had some sort of family feud going on and it ended in the worst possible way. I was completely shattered by the tragic news.. praying that this would just be a nightmare, but it wasn’t. However, the feelings of loss and sadness weren’t the only feelings coming my way.. with this, came the traumatizing bullying.

It was literally THE WORST. You know how it works with the bullies, they just never seem to stop and you just never seem to get used to it. It hurts every. single. time. And this was when I got into self-harming and felt a bit better. I’d do anything to feel a little better..

My family and a couple of friends know about this and they really worry about my health. But I’m writing it all here because I was just feeling like I had to confess it somewhere, and no better place than a website.

A couple of months ago, I started seeing a psychiatrist and well, fast forward to today, it’s been 5 whole days since I’ve self-harmed in any way. It is a HUGE achievement for me and I’m really very proud of myself. I’m thrilled to see myself get better but today I feel the urges coming back.. to self-harm.. and although I’m fighting them with all my might, it seems as if they’ll overpower me.

Resisting Myself From Self-Harming Again

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