PUBG BAN PAKISTAN- Why Is Media So Negative
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PUBG BAN PAKISTAN- Why Is Media So Negative?

Is media playing its role in getting the ban lifted off PUBG?

Ever since PTA banned PUBG, shockingly Pakistan’s media is ever so quiet about it. Shockingly, yes! Because the media here reports and entertains each and every useless, pointless news (as pointless as a celebrity taking their dog out for an evening walk!) and yet has managed to remain silent on this matter. An impulsive decision, taken by PTA, that has singlehandedly managed to adversely affect hundreds of thousands. Well, there were some who spoke about it and showed how they supported it and
I just fail to understand why.

Well, I really shouldn’t though.. ‘cause that’s how media works- The Ratings! Unfortunately, they’re getting more views and ratings for bashing a game than actually stating facts about it and clearing misconceptions.

Just like every other industry, media has its responsibilities towards the country and its people. Media should play its role in creating awareness among people who are unaware of the benefits and importance of eSports. And should also hold accountable the authorities who’re responsible for this unnecessary ban.

They should act as a medium in conveying the public’s response to the higher authorities and their message to us.

They have to understand that their irresponsible and rash actions are costing many gamers and streamers their livelihood and mental health. And that they are as responsible for their loss as is PTA or concerning departments.

PUBG BAN PAKISTAN- Why Is Media So Negative?

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