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Plastic Pollution And What Should You Do Now?

If there’s one thing that was created in order to ‘help’ mankind but backfired real bad, it’s definitely plastic.

Plastic, specifically PVC and Bakelite, was made to be a cheaper and electrically insulative alternative to glass, wood, ceramic, porcelain, ivory, and more. It turned out to be better due to these reasons and as it was mostly or even purely synthetic. The materials needed to produce it were easily available and also that it’s low maintenance.

Unarguably, plastic has single-handedly opened to us a vast field of inventions and progress. It has as well saved the natural resources from running out! If it weren’t for plastic, we’d be limited with our researches in both medical and tech field. As it is plastic that has made minor things like wrapping and major things like flying into space possible.

But this isn’t it. After a few years of plastic heaven progression, revealed the dark side of it. Plastic was made keeping in mind the present only. We failed to look at its long-term harmful effects. Effects, that later proved to be disastrous for our planet. Today, our land and sea are filled with plastic. Plastic that takes up to 500 years to decompose! The result of which include global warming, drastic climate change, marine pollution, the entanglement of land and marine animals, and more.

Plastic pollution in recent years has grown exponentially to such an extent that it’s now a pressing issue for the entire world! And so, each of us has a solemn responsibility to work towards the betterment of this Earth. And if we all play our little roles, we’ll be a part of something BIG and better for our world and our generations to come.

You can start helping by doing at least a couple of the points discussed below. Just a minor change in lifestyle, but a massive change in our world’s health for good.

1- Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Yes, just don’t! Disposable plastic bottles have created a huge mess for our planet. They are the third most abundant plastic waste. And authentic studies show that they take about 450 years to degrade. Which is a hell load of time! And according to National Geographic, a million bottles of water is sold a day globally.

These huge bunches of waste plastic bottles clog up water pipes and block sewage systems too. As a considerable amount of these bottles flow into the oceans or other water bodies and harm marine life in a very life-threatening manner.

Tip: You can just buy an aluminium bottle (it contains 68% of recycled material!). It’s lightweight too and also very environment-friendly. It lasts a long time, and so, will also save you some $$$. Just remember to refill it wherever you can so you don’t run out of water.

2- Switch To Paper Bags

Millions of plastic bags make their way into the bins and eventually, into the oceans. They are the most harming plastic product for land and marine animals. As they get trapped into these bags accidentally and get stuck in there and die choking. Poor animals. Some even get tangled in them and spend the rest of their lives as a handicap. Some countries have taken voluntary steps and have banned plastic bags completely! This is the best solution to this problem at the moment. But you too have to do your part.

Tip:- The best thing is to take paper bags with you to the grocery stores and say no to their plastic ones. Nowadays, almost all grocery stores use biodegradable plastic bags that are said to degrade in 3-6 months. But with all this plastic around us, it’s better not to add more.

3- Opt For Anything That’s Not Single-Use

Disposables make up about 31% of the whole plastic junk. Which means, it’s literally everywhere! Wrapping and junk food containers can’t usually be used over and over. And so, have to be thrown away. They are made to go in the bin and hence, are never made to recycle. These plastics have a very negative impact on not only the environment but our health too. These disposables are mistaken as food by the marine and wildlife. And so, are eaten by them. Making them sick, shortening their life span, and killing them, sooner or later.

Tip:- To avoid plastic wrapping as much as you can, request paper containers for custom made orders. And also try to make a quick sandwich and take it with you. In a container that’s reusable. So you’re not only helping your planet but also eating healthy and helping yourself.

These were the 3 main ones. There are tonnes of other things that you can do too. These are just beginner level ones. But the impact of doing these is gonna be “tiny but mighty”

You can also lookup the 5 Gyres Institute report named “The Plastics BAN List”. It’s has a bunch of information regarding cheap, quick alternatives to many of our daily plastic essentials.

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Plastic Pollution And What Should You Do Now?

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