Never deliver PIZZA late at night

This story was sent by Liam.

I’ll never forget this night, The pizza place I worked at was about to close, and I was getting ready to go home when the phone rang. I was working the counter alone that night, so I was taking the calls. I picked up the phone, There was complete silence. So I hung up About a minute later the phone rings again, so I pick up again still silence. I was about to hang up again when I heard the very weak and cold voice of an old woman on the other end- -she said she wanted a regular pie delivered. I remained polite on the phone but on the inside. I was screaming. I just wanted to get home and end my shift. I called out to my boss that somebody is requesting a delivery, he told me I had to go. I was upset at first, but I realized it’s another tip and the old ones usually tipped the most. So I decided it was okay. I took down the address and told her it would be there soon, but she had already hung up. I thought that was rude, but I ignored it and yelled to the chef that I needed one regular. My boss told me to just go home after the delivery as the place would be closed. So a little before 10 o’clock I got in my car and put the address into my GPS. The house was seven miles away The GPS took me to the quiet side of town I arrived at the house. It was a small, one-floor house on a very quiet and empty block. I took the pizza and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell There were no lights on in the house I hoped that she hadn’t given me the wrong address. I rang the doorbell again. There was still no answer. I was about to give up when I turned my head and… saw somebody standing at the window. Got a little freaked out and backed up at first But I eventually got closer to the window to see the person it was an old woman Probably in her [late] 70s She was just staring at me with a blank expression. I yelled at her through the glass that I had her pizza. She didn’t react to what I said, so I screamed a louder. A big smile Ran across her face, not a pleasant genuine smile It was a smile that sent chills down my spine. I still remember that exact face she made through the window I decided that I was freaked out enough and got back to my car and set the pizza in the passenger seat. I had to text my boss about this. I shot him a quick text and started my car, ready to get the hell away. I looked to my right to get one more look To see the woman standing right outside my passenger side window giving me the same stare she had given me before. I put my car and driving forward to down the street, not looking back My boss never made me do a late night delivery again.

Never deliver PIZZA late at night

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