Neighbor’s Bad Music Turned Me Into A Maniac

Neighbours’ Bad Music Turned Me Into A Maniac

Music’s all fun and great until you come across a person who hears music without earphones, who’s taste is very, very bad..

I’ve noticed that people with the worst taste in music definitely play it out the loudest in public. Like man, I don’t have a problem with whatever horrendous music you’re hearing but when in public, at least wear headphones!

Alas! My luck is bad enough that I’ve got a neighbor of such kind. He just moved here about a fortnight ago and he plays his shitty techno music on loud speakers. All day long (and some nights too!). What’s worse is that he hasn’t yet considered lowering it down even after getting several complaints from me and others. His music has driven me insane!

I never thought I’d be this person but now I just can’t help but fantasize breaking into his apartment and smashing everything he owns into bits. The first one is gonna be his futile, good-for-nothing subwoofer. I’ve got the baseball bat already. But anyways, it’s just a fantasy at the moment..

P.S. Weigh words “At The Moment”…

Neighbor’s Bad Music Turned Me Into A Maniac

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