My Story Of Traveling And True Friendship

Friends hanging together

Travelling has given me something, that no other aspect of life ever could. Not only has it blessed me with the finest experiences of life but also gave me a very special friendship that I cherish and rely upon at all times! These days, friendships are very rare. I’m talking about the real ones. Ride or die ones. Most people think they’ve got a bunch of good friends but find themselves standing all alone in times of need. If I hadn’t found my bestie, I would’ve been the exact same.

So it all began with travelling. It was my first ever trip out of my home country and the country was Japan! I had just turned 20 and had been saving for this trip ever since I started earning. This was my dream trip, more because I have been (and still am) the biggest fan of the Japanese anime Digimon, my entire life!

After a 10 hour flight from Australia to Japan, I landed at the magnificent Tokyo International Airport. The city, in my opinion, was quite ahead of time in terms of development and design, having a very futuristic, sophisticated feel to it. Just like I had imagined! Believe me, it was the best day of my life.

I then checked in to my hotel, took a quick shower, and got out. It was 6 in the evening and the city was lit. I walked down the street and decided to take a night city tour on an open roof double decker. The soft scented, chilly breeze added to the perfect weather of April. The youthful, snow-white blossoming cherry trees were a sight to behold. I took the trip around and came back to the hotel by 10. I was so content, that I slept the night like a baby, which by the way, was something impossible for a person like me.

The next day was also the best, but what made it so special was something very different than all this. I woke up really excited as I had a mission to accomplish. That being to explore Akihabara for Digimon related stuff. I’d get anything that had Digimon on it. I loved them so sooo much! I had okayu, which is the traditional Japanese rice porridge, in breakfast and made my way to Akihabara.

One problem that I faced was of language. Although I knew some Japanese words they weren’t enough to totally understand what the locals were saying. I was at a toy shop scanning the hundreds of toys placed on the racks, looking for Digimon characters, when I heard a lady entered the shop and asked something in broken Japanese (much better than mine) to the shopkeeper. She was also looking for the same stuff as me! I went up to her and asked her if she knew English, and she said yes! And turned out that we both were equally obsessed with Digimon! The icing on the cake not only is this but also that she was an Aussie too!

There was an instant connection and we decided to go on this venture together! It was as if we were destined to meet. We went on talking about our passion for Digimon for hours and hours. It felt so good that we practically spent all the rest of our days there together. And although she was going to fly back after a couple days but extended it to a week so we could have more fun exploring all the places of our favorite anime. We even travelled other cities that I hadn’t initially planned on visiting.

It was her third time there and so my trip became several folds better because of her expertise. After returning back, despite having jobs of entirely different nature, we kept in touch and met from time to time. This was all 9 years ago. Ever since then, we’ve taken 5 trips out and a million in the city! It’s safe to say that the bond of friendship never weakened and never will. If anything, our friendship got stronger. In this period, we’ve been through it all: family and relationship problems, financial issues, etc. But have always been there for each other.

She is the most caring, uplifting, genuine person I’ve ever met and I’m grateful to call her my best friend. I will forever be thankful to God for making me so lucky to taste the sweetness of true friendship.

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