My Love is Killing Me

My Love is Killing Me

I am madly in love with a girl who lives near my house.I befriended her on FaceBook and we used to chat since last year, don’t know when I fell in love with her. But I am kinda shy guy so was not able to make my mind to propose her in person. So I thought of proposing her on Facebook, but again, I was scared that what if she broke friendship with me.

So I made a fake id and expressed my feeling to her, but don’t know how, she guessed my name instantly, but I told that I m not the one who she thinks I am.  Then she started asking me on fake id that who I am, she pleaded a lot, then I told her my name.

She got very angry and did what I was scared before, she blocked me on FaceBook and we were no more friends either, but i again convinced her only to be my friend, she agreed. And now we are friends again just on Facebook. But we are not that close like  we were before even she never reply  my message on time. I have apologized to her innumerable times on Facebook. But she didn’t replied.. So I have stop msging her now and left all to God’s wish.
But, I can’t live widout her, i love her a lot, I cry whole day missing her and I am now thinking to die… Hopefully I would be able to forget her and love someone else.

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My Love is Killing Me

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