My Life’s Unbelievably Filled With Miseries

About a couple years ago, I got into university but I soon lost interest in my major (I found it to be very dry and difficult for me), and due to this very reason, I got low grades which lead to me dropping out of it. Ever since then, my life’s filled with misery.

When I dropped out, I was of the verge of depression as not only did I realize that could I not get my dream degree but also that I then also had to pay back the student loan. But I picked myself up and started my research on what the options were for me in this situation. During my research, I came to know how so many successful people were actually college/uni drop-outs!

This enlightened the hope in me and so I applied for a job and got rejected. Then I sent my CVs again for different jobs but no luck. In this process, my mental health went down the abyss and so I picked fights with my homies, unnecessary/pointless ones, and became distant.

After all these setbacks, one after the other, I thought this was the end of me and I whined about it for a couple of months. Later I sought professional mental health care and mustered up the courage to take a fresh start. I got employed in a security company but I’m never satisfied and so I kept changing jobs.. looking for the golden opportunity that I just can’t seem to find.

My Life’s Unbelievably Filled With Miseries

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