Got F grade in my exams

My Carelessness Got Me An F Grade

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a day completely opposite to mine. Because I just got F grade. I’m having the worst day imaginable for a university student.

I admit to being a very carefree and careless person and don’t take things seriously. Especially the ones related to my studies. And although this has cost me a good deal in the past, I’ve learnt a hard lesson today.

My university, in our entire graduation period, allows us only 3 F’s. If you get more it means that you will be automatically be kicked out. There’s no leniency in that.

My Carelessness Got Me An F Grade

Why I Got F Grade?

I got my second F today. All due to my careless and irresponsible attitude. The subject I failed is History. It is a subject that most students get an A- or B* in. It is fairly easy and this is what added to my non-seriousness towards it.

And so, that’s what I did. Even though my group partners constantly kept asking me to do my part, I kept delaying it. I was given the tiniest part so I just enjoying the extra time I had. My part was only going to take a couple of hours.

My group leader kept insisting that I should start it. This was disturbing my peace and so I assured him that I’d send it to him a day before the due date. Then I muted our discussion group and continued with my days. Soon I lost track of dates and there came the day that I promised my leader of.

I wasn’t seeing the messages so my leader called me to ask me about it. I hadn’t even written a single word. TBH I  panicked and sat down to do it but realized that I needed a book from our library for it. I prayed and searched my questions up on google but got nothing. I asked for help but no one helped me.

Fast-forwarding it to now, I’ve been kicked out of the group and so I’ve got zero % of the assignment done. Hence, zero marks. I got nothing, just as I did nothing. Lost all my 20% and gained an F. I’ve never felt so much regret in my life.

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My Carelessness Got Me An F Grade

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