My Bitterness Made Me Push My Kindergarten Peer Off Of Swing

Probably ( I could be wrong) every child ever, hates some other child without any apparent reason. Throwing it back to my kindergarten days, there was this one kid I couldn’t ever stand. I did have a firm reason to hate him though.. him being my birthday twin.

In my kindergarten, every kid’s birthday was celebrated and he was made to feel very special. Everyone treated him like royalty on that specific day: his birthday.

Now, as this kid’s birthday was on the same day as mine, we had to share our birthday party at the kindergarten. This made me feel terrible. It was as if he was stealing my limelight. I was so annoyed at him that one play break, I pushed him off the swing. He went up higher than I expected, lost his balance, and crashed on the ground with a loud thud. He fell with his face facing the ground and unfortunately, broke his jaw.

I didn’t get punished or anything as everyone thought that he himself fell down. Nobody knows that I did it. That poor kid also didn’t tell anyone about it, God bless him. But I feel so bad and sorry for all the pain that I caused him unnecessarily. All that pain just because he was my birthday twin and I wasn’t willing to share.

My Bitterness Made Me Push My Kindergarten Peer Off Of Swing

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