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Motion Sickness? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Be Doing

Motion sickness is quite a common condition of feeling ‘sick’ whenever moving. Usually in a car, plane, ship, or any other form of transport. It affects some people, suffering with it, more than the others. It is more commonly found in kids, old people, and people with migraines.

It’s Symptoms And What Is Really Is:

It’s due to an imbalance between being in motion and at rest at the same time. Motion sickness is actually when your brain gets mixed messages from your eyes, inner ears, and other motion-sensing nerves in your body. This amalgam of information leads to the person feeling nauseous, as well as dizzy. Other symptoms include severe irritation, headache, lightheadedness, spinning, etc. These symptoms are quick to occur. Luckily, they’re also quick to stop as soon as the motion stops.

What Now?

Nobody likes the feeling of being sick during travelling. Also, travelling is something you cannot avoid forever. In these modern times, travelling is in fact, both common and vital. But the fact remains that travelling is hell for people who suffer from motion sickness.
Like its said, prevention is better than cure. So here are a few things that you shouldn’t do in order to significantly reduce this feeling of unpleasantness while travelling.


1- Don’t Travel With A Full Stomach
Don’t have heavy/fried meal at all! Plan your meals beforehand. Try to have a light meal before travelling and that too, an hour or two before getting out. One feels sicker and throws up more often with a full stomach. With nausea being the most occurring symptom, leaving home with a light empty stomach can help reduce this feeling greatly.

2- Do Not Read
Reading or playing games can aggravate symptoms of motion sickness. Whether in the car, or plane, or ship. This is because the screen or books are at rest whereas the car isn’t and so, the imbalance occurs.
Try to look outside the windows as this will help reorient the messages sent to the brain and help it process the signals more efficiently. So focus on the movement and not on something still.

3- Don’t Forget To Take Medicine
Anti-drowsiness medicines are a must! A pharmacist can prescribe to you some medications that lower nausea by making that person sleepy. In most cases, a sleeping person does not get sick while travelling.
Bands and patches:
Other than medication, there are some wrist bands that apply pressure to a point in your wrist that keeps the nauseous feeling in check. This pressure point helps stabilize the inner ear. The instability of which is responsible for the many symptoms of motion sickness.

4- Avoid Random Movement Rides
Amusement park rides also trigger vomiting or other symptoms of motion sickness. This is also due to the disturbance of balance in the inner ear as sight and actual motion contradict each other. It is best to avoid rides at all and look for alternatives like arcade games, laser tags, etc.
If you really have to go to parks then take tablets that keep drowsiness at bay.

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Motion Sickness? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Be Doing

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