Made-Up Fitness Queen

Made-Up Fitness Queen

Hii! I’m here with a confession about lying because I feel like I HAVE TO tell someone about it.

I’m a high school student and everyone around there’s always about the ‘trend’ and being cool and what not! You may know, that being ‘healthy’, organic and have a lean figure is pretty popular from a fair amount of time and it’s safe to say that the trend is Here. To. Stay. I hang out with the most popular group of my grade and so I have to keep up with all these fairytale standards and be a fitness freak.

But I can’t be bothered, and so, I simply lie about how ‘healthy’ I eat and how I LOVE sports (which btw, I hate!), along with a bunch of other stupid lies. I’ve made up this ‘perfect-in-all-senses’ perception of mine and my peers all seem to believe it. They actually come to me for some tips and solutions too and follow whatever I say, lol.

I eat fast food literally ALL the time! And I’m a lazy person which means no physical activity whatsoever and I absolutely love it!

Made-Up Fitness Queen

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