Lying is my passion

Hello, I don’t know how to start or share my confession about lying constantly but I need to get this off my chest. I am 29 years old (Male) for the last 16 years I have been lying constantly. I just love to lie it’s something which comes to me naturally. It is something which makes me feel strong and powerful. This world doesn’t let you live peacefully so you need to lie your heart out.

My life is nothing but a lie. Recently I have started to feel depressed about my lying because my life is nothing like I speak. I have been lying about my job, relationships and almost everything else.  My friends and family think I am very successful and talented but the reality is I am a broke person. I hardly had any relationships and most of my life I have stayed single. But due to my lying, I never really felt alone because I lied so much that even my own heart doesn’t know when I am lying. I have been lying so much that my life has now become nothing but a lie.

I hope someday I would be able to speak the truth and would be able to get over this habit of mine lying. Guys, I hope you enjoyed my confession.

Lying is my passion

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