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Low Battery? Here’s How Your Mobile Battery Can Last All Day

Stranded on an island? Power outage? Forgot your charger? Or any of the other million reasons! Low battery alert is probably the most dreaded alert for all of us.

Now, this alert may not be the worst thing to see when you’re at home chilling, or out with a portable charger or at a place where charging is accessible. But it sure is nerve-racking when you receive it outside. And we’re talking about the inconvenient-for-charging outside. The above mentioned ‘outside’. The horror ‘outside’.

But these situations come and go. And we somehow, survive the day. Without the battery in our mobiles. However, the importance of having a mobile at all times must not be forgotten. Whenever you find yourself in a problem, you’ll be reaching for your mobile so often than not. Be it just for Google, or to call 911.

So if you’re in such a battery critical situation the next time, don’t panic. Follow these steps to help your device retain its remaining battery.

1- Switch On Low-Power Mode

When looking to save battery, this is the most notable feature that both iOS and Android provide. In Android, it’s known as “power saving mode”.
These modes, when switched on, slightly change the mobile’s settings so that the apps and the system use way less battery than normal. It greatly extends the battery.

It can be turned on at any battery percentage and if you know you have a long day ahead, we suggest turning it on from 80%. It’ll get your mobile to ‘live’ for several hours more. What an amazingly helpful feature!
However, keep in mind that this may slow down any updates or downloads.

You’ll also have to check for new mails and refresh apps yourself as the mode doesn’t refresh it. If you don’t have a low-power mode, you can even turn Airplane mode on. Its the outcome is pretty identical too.

2- Lower Brightness, Less Screen Time

This is the only point that’ll give you full function, but also save some battery. High brightness drains the battery at a high speed. This is because it uses more power. Similarly, more screen times leads to quicker battery drainage. The low-powder mode automatically lowers brightness and sets auto-lock to 30 seconds. But if you haven’t switched this mode on, then you should lower its brightness and limit your use too.

3- Switch Off Mobile Data

Mobile data takes up a lot of battery. When minimizing battery discharge, it’s best to connect it to a WiFi. Or if you’re wanting to super save your battery, then just disconnect the internet connection on your mobile!
But if there’s no WiFi, and you have to switch on mobile data, then just turn data off for all the apps that you wouldn’t be needing, from the settings.

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Low Battery? Here’s How Your Mobile Battery Can Last All Day

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