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Life is a Cobweb

Have you ever seen a cobweb? An outcome of a spider’s whole life. Have u ever noticed the neatness and setting of that silk threads…connected corner to corner, line by line in some specific pattern. spiders are pre-known of their path but at every edge/corner they got a chance to deviate from it. these corners are the most important part of their lives as one wrong move can vanish their whole effort.

whenever from where ever a thread get weaker by some external force or environment spider went back to right there and knit it again instead of unknitting the whole web or staying at the same point or quieting. no matter how much effort and time it takes them to knit that thread but they keeping trying it until they get successful because they know that they have to keep trying in order to get success.

Our lives are so like a cobweb …each thread of this web is a phase /period of life and is a mixture of relationships, events, memories and experiences. And every corner is a turning point in our life. where we have to make a choice whether to move on or stay at the same point. So I have learned from a tiny little spider that no matter how much the situation gets worst, no matter how much the time is bad we should never give up .if a spider can do it then why we can’t .if a creature 100 times smaller than us can make it possible then why we can’.so whenever u feel like you are giving up or u are losing courage, for a while just imagine a spider and think are u inferior to a spider??…are u such kind of loser that u can’t even do a thing which a spider is doing …so never give up ,never quit in any situation …

Life is a Cobweb

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