Lied To My Crush To Gain Her Sympathy (and Friendship!)


I had a crush girl and so after putting in – a lot of – effort, we started chatting. She never replied me the way I wanted her to and so I guessed that she’ll care about me if I told her I had experienced something tragic.                                    

I made up a false depression story and told her that I was depressed when I was 10 years old because my parents got divorced. And that I’m still healing and trying to recover from the trauma. Whereas in reality, it didn’t happen and my parents are VERY happily married!

And boy was I right! My crush sympathized and started showing me compassion. But it’s been bugging me a lot lately, the big fat lie that brought us close together. And she’s just gonna know about it anytime soon! Even though I told her that she need not talk to my little sister about it as she doesn’t know about it. But it’s really a weak step and I’m scared my crush’s gonna mention it during a convo.

And I myself can not tell her that I lied because there’s a 90% chance she’ll get mad and leave me. I don’t really care about my effort, but our precious friendship is gonna end in a glimpse.

Any idea what I should do now?

Lied To My Crush To Gain Her Sympathy (and Friendship!)

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