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Keep Your Refrigerator Smelling Fresh With These Tips

To be honest, bad-smelling refrigerators are a pain to handle. Uncovered food, or sometimes even covered, give off their scent. And so, all types of scents combine to sometimes make an overall unpleasant scent. This, for most people, is very disturbing and combatting is a little challenging.

To ward off the odour, you’ll have to keep check of a few little things. You can also make use of some ingredients present at your home (so it’s totally chemical-free!) to boost up the freshness. Below is a list of things that you should do in order to have your refrigerator smelling fresh as a breeze. (or sweet as

1- Clean Your Refrigerator Thoroughly

One of the main reasons refrigerators smell is because they’re not clean from the inside. Sometimes we accidentally spill food or it drips a little and we don’t bother wiping it clean right there and then. This food oxidizes, expires and smells.
Deep cleaning your refrigerator can solve your problem! In order to do so, empty your refrigerator completely. Pull out its shelves and other removable units and soak them in a solution of dishwashing soap and hot water. Then just scrub them, dry and then rinse. You can also skip the soaking step and just wash them straight.
Wipe the interior using a Dobbie sponge (or a cloth) and a solution baking soda and hot water.

2- Throw Away Expired Food Products

Expired food often smells due to being rotten and all. We don’t always keep a check on their expiry dates and so, many times, we’ll have stuff in there that’s gone bad. Take them out and throw them. Try to do it regularly. This will not only lower the smell significantly but also make new space.

3- Sweet Or Sour?

To further fight the odour, this is the best step! You can take a little bowl and put in some cotton pads that are soaked in either vinegar or vanilla. Both of these are excellent odour fighters. Other than these, coffee can also be used.

4- Use Charcoal

It is a great deodorizer! Just take an activated charcoal disk (or powder works well too) and keep it in your refrigerator. It absorbs all the doors from it and hence, keeps the smell away.

5- Use Lemon Or Orange

Oranges and lemons have been used for their fresh scents since forever! They are excellent fresheners and so, orange peels or half a lemon works best to keep refrigerator fresh. Just replace them before they rot!

Keep Your Refrigerator Smelling Fresh With These Tips

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